Project Management.
Setting up Projects for Success.

Manage is the second stage of LachWil’s project delivery approach. This is focused on supporting clients to deliver programmes and projects more effectively.

LachWil’s Project Management expertise is demonstrated across multiple sectors, such as aviation, mining, construction, infrastructure, rail, automation, IT and telecommunications.

Project Management.

Project Services.

Delivery Plus.

Project Management.

LachWil’s deep functional knowledge and expertise in Project Management has its foundations in managing complex, large scale and mega-projects. LachWil provides highly skilled teams to deliver projects throughout the entire project lifecycle – from inception through to closure.

Services Include –

  • Project Management Consultancy (PMC)
  • Project Delivery Support
  • Management of Programmes and Projects
  • Development of Portfolio, Program and Project Management Frameworks and Governance Frameworks
  • Commercial and Contract Management

Project Services.

Known for setting up and working in some of the most complex projects in Australia, LachWil’s Project Services facilitate, monitor and guide project teams and leaders to deliver projects more effectively.

LachWil’s Project Services offering includes the provision of exceptional project controls staff with the right tools and systems to support projects. LachWil can support the clients set up and management of PMO’s, Programmes and Project Services teams, through to the provision of key project controls resources.

Services Include –

  • Development, Implementation and Management of Project Controls Frameworks
  • PMO Establishment and Management
  • Development of Capability Enhancement Roadmaps
  • Project Services and Project Services teams
  • Management of Project System deployment
  • Development and augmentation of portfolio, programme and project frameworks and policies.
  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Project Cost Management and Cost Control
  • Contract Management support
  • Project information management and document control

Delivery Plus.

LachWil provides a unique approach to the delivery of project management support and project services to clients through its Delivery Plus offering. Delivery Plus is unique in that it provides project organisations with a managed service that includes not only project resources, but project management tools, systems and processes tailored to the organisational needs.

Delivery Plus is targeted at organisations that traditionally do not deliver projects, start-ups or organisations with low internal project management capability. Delivery Plus provides organisations with project management support, contract management, project controls and project Information management.

LachWil provides clients with unique integrated project management systems supported by skilled project management and controls staff. Delivery Plus can be tailored to incorporate or interface with clients existing project management systems or corporate systems.

Lachlan Wilson, Leader.
Project Management Specialist.

Project Management: Delivery Through Smart Planning

In today’s project environments the first question LachWil is often asked by clients is, “Do we need to go Agile?” The answer to this lies in taking the time to understand the project, including understanding areas of risk and uncertainty. Projects with a high level of scope definition and clear execution method lend themselves to waterfall delivery (eg. like building a bridge) whereas a project with low levels of scope definition and high uncertainty lend themselves to an Agile delivery approach that aims to understand and actively managing risk throughout the project lifecycle.

Business leaders often ask “How do I measure the effectiveness Project Management Offices (PMO)?” There are multiple industry standard approaches for systematically measuring the maturity of a PMO such as P3M3 and P3O. However, leaders should ask themselves the following key questions as a starting point:

  • Is my PMO simply reporting on reporting what has happen or are they analysing project and providing guidance to project teams?;
  • Are they driving best practice in project management within the organisation?; and
  • Are they supporting strategic planning by the organisation?

Critically answering these questions is a great litmus test for assessing the effectiveness of the organisations PMO.

Delivery Plus was born out of working with small and mid-cap mining companies that were looking for more than just project management resources. To fill this void, Delivery Plus was developed to provide an end-to-end project management offering that includes people, processes and systems.

Delivery Plus is about providing clients a fit-for-purpose project management and project services offering that can be used by organisations and their supply chains to more effectively deliver projects. Delivery Plus brings together people with the right skills, and tailorable business processes and systems, to provide a more cost effective project delivery option for clients.

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