Integrated, Whole of Project Life, People-Centric Project Delivery.

Simplifying Project Complexity Through a Unique People-Centric, Three-Stage Delivery Approach –
Consult, Manage, Mentor.

LachWil is an outcome-driven, people-centric management consultancy for project delivery in challenging, time poor environments.


Outcomes for complex problems.

Outstanding project outcomes achieved by LachWil are the result of taking the time in the Consult stage to understand a client’s needs, then helping to set the right strategy that supports delivery of their program, project or package. The Consult stage is underpinned by a comprehensive assessment of the current state of a project. Designed to reduce project complexity, it provides the roadmap to support and improve project delivery.

LachWil supports projects throughout the entire project lifecycle from initiation and study phases through to execution and closure. LachWil specialises in supporting distressed projects.

LachWil’s Consult stage considers key project drivers such as project delivery methods, project execution approaches, contracting and procurement strategies, organisational project management maturity, and team competencies, to produce a comprehensive project improvement roadmap or strategic review of the project.


Manage, the second stage of the LachWil management approach, is focused on project delivery. Lachwil provides the right people, supported by comprehensive industry leading project management processes, systems and tools to support project delivery.

Project management and disaster recovery support services are provided with a clear focus on client’s needs while ensuring the LachWil team delivers cost effective and light touch project management solutions.

Lachwil provides comprehensive project management services as part of Manage. These include project management and project services / controls support, the development and implementation of project services processes, tools and systems, contract management services, and business process improvement.


Support to deliver outcomes.

Mentor, LachWil’s third stage of project delivery, builds and develops high performance teams.

Experienced mentoring for project teams and individuals supports effective project management and project controls. The follow-on effect is highly engaged project teams and individuals. Outcomes are then a natural result.

LachWil’s expertise in solving challenges in complex project environments is a direct result of mentoring leaders as they build highly effective teams with increased capacities. Mentoring supports acceleration of professional development and career progression.

LachWil Director and Founder.
Leader in Project Delivery.

The Right Project Plan and Management.

Each project is a unique endeavour. LachWil engages with stakeholders to ensure alignment regarding the impact that different approaches, such as waterfall and agile, will have on the way the project management team delivers the work.

Delivery approach impacts key project functions such as project planning and cost management, contract management and procurement strategies, risk management, resource management, and project reporting and analysis.

Through clearly understanding the project scope and project execution approach, LachWil can work with stakeholders to ensure an effective project delivery approach is chosen.

Project Management Systems are increasingly becoming a part of everyday project delivery, however, more often than not they are underutilised by project teams or poorly implemented. Inadequate Project Management Systems result in project teams focused on  reporting on project data rather than actively interpreting and analysing project information to support better decision making on projects.

Too often we see project leaders purchasing Project Management Systems with the expectation of improved project outcomes and organisational project management maturity. However, Project Management Systems delivery is not just about choosing the right systems and tools but also ensuring effective, fit-for-purpose, business processes are in place and role specific training is available to support project teams to deliver projects more effectively.

Improving project management processes starts with an understanding of the flow of project management information with the organisation. LachWil works with project leaders to understand the interdependencies and information flow between key project functions such as project accounting, cost management, schedule management, contract management, document management, engineering management (including BIM) and resource management. By clearly understanding these business processes, project teams can drive business transformation with your organisation.

Effective mentoring means preparing individuals to succeed when faced with future development challenges. Project management professionals may feel stuck in their current role within a large project, with limited opportunities to take the next step. LachWil aims to develop people in-role with a mixture of external training, on the job learning, and mentoring to equip them with the skills for career progression.

Investing in people’s career development not only increases employee engagement on projects, it also results in higher levels of employee retention on project.

LachWil takes the time to listen to project teams working on distressed projects to understand how and why the project team got to this stage. Project leaders must understand that to improve project performance the solution centres on empowering and supporting the project team to make effective change within the project.


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