Guidance and Support To Deliver Outcomes.

The third stage of LachWil’s delivery approach is Mentoring. LachWil mentors business leaders and their teams to help solve complex business challenges using a highly structured and systematic approach.

Informed by extensive project delivery experience, LachWil’s Mentor goal is to guide project leaders and teams to support effective project delivery and improve organisational capability.

Mentoring supports business leaders to develop plans, improve project delivery performance and grow organisations by expanding team capabilities.


Personal Development.


Coaching specifically empowers project teams and organisations to increase capability, skills, and emotional intelligence to improve organisational project management maturity.

Career coaching is designed for individuals and organisations to support career development and attain career goals.

Services Include –

  • Career coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Executive and leadership coaching


LachWil provides mentoring to support established and emerging leaders with business-related guidance relevant to the organisational context.

Mentoring specifically develops individual capability with intensive and highly personalised professional development support.

Services Include –

  • Effectively plan
  • Improve communication skills
  • Manage relationships with stakeholders regardless of their station within the organisation; and
  • Develop effective ways to manage conflict

Personal Development.

LachWil’s Personal Development programs establish new contexts for personal and professional development in a way that integrates the whole person.

A personal and professional development plan is a roadmap that responds to an individuals aspirations and details the meaningful steps to achieve them. It also addresses any particular personal resistances that may hinder development, with recommendations of productive ways to address challenges.

Services Include –

  • A defined professional development plan
  • A pathway to establish vision, values and leadership styles
  • Leadership coaching

Lachlan Wilson, Leader. Project Mentor.

Leadership Coaching and Career Development.

Having a career coach assists individuals and teams to optimally perform, and develop key strengths and abilities by providing a clear road map and accountability.

Working with a career consultant to develop a career development plan for Project Managers is an investment that will pay for itself many times over. Industry reports forecast that in the next 10 years demand for highly skilled Project Managers will outgrow supply. This will lead to more choice in employment opportunities and higher salaries.

Project Managers embarking on career coaching are taking a journey of empowerment in both their professional and personal lives. The goal of coaching for teams is to release more awareness of capabilities and inner resources to activate untapped potential and achieve predetermined goals.

To harness the development opportunities afforded by rapid technological disruption and The Future of Work, professional development training helps to focus growth arenas and goals. Professionals need to develop new skills to cope with the challenges within the workplace and to understand how to effectively understand their role either leading or being part of a team.

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