Outstanding, People-Centric Project Management Consultancy.

LachWil delivers outstanding project outcomes for clients in challenging, time-stressed environments by simplifying complexity and leading with a people-centric management approach.

Founder and Director of LachWil, Lachlan Wilson has the rare combination of high-level technical competence, accomplished strategic thinking and emotionally intelligent leadership.

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Projects are highly complex, time-poor environments determined by competing priorities. Specialised management consulting for Project teams helps drive successful outcomes by simplifying complexity, informed by people-centric strategies.


Outstanding success in project delivery and project services is possible only when high performance teams – fuelled by emotional intelligence and technically brilliant expertise – are matched with technologically-enabled tools and systems.


Consistently delivering outstanding complex projects across multiple sectors, on budget and on time, is best achieved through an integration of management consulting, project delivery and high performance teams to achieve project outcomes.

“Lachlan is extremely passionate about his work and uncompromising in his commitment to deliver projects that surpass clients’ expectations.

You’ll hear him talk about his working life goals, but it’s how he walks his talk that stands out for me.

Growing leaders while delivering projects with a high level of service.”


“I have worked with Lachlan for a number of years now and you won’t find a more passionate, driven and insightful individual involved in Project Management than Lachlan.

He has a unique ability to produce elegant, simplified solutions from complex situations and problems. Lachlan is one of the few people who is 10 steps ahead of everyone else with his foresight into personnel, project delivery and project controls.”


"Whilst it’s personally very satisfying to build a major tunnel, or rail line or an airport, the real achievement, the real definition of success for me is seeing each individual grow and take pride in their accomplishments.

For what is success for an organisation - unless all people thrive?"

– Lachlan Wilson
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